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Message from George Hara

ourgoal_img_01By 2050, countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America will account for 85% of the world’s population, shifting the center of the global economy from developed to developing nations. As Japan’s population declines, how the Japanese people interact with citizens of the developing world is increasingly a very important question. In this era of change, what is the quality necessary to be a truly global individual?
It is the ability to mutually recognize and respect differences in customs and culture. The Alliance Forum Foundation’s Global Human Resources Development Programme, held in Bangladesh, teaches skills to work with people from different backgrounds through engaging in activities of the world’s largest NGO, BRAC. In addition, the Microfinance Professional Course immerses its participants in the real conditions of life in a developing country and microfinance, the effective, poverty-alleviating program.
Lastly, while it is essential to learn foreign languages, what is more important is to be able to think deeply and express oneself in the mother language. Always having a “why” mindset – instead of simply following common knowledge and practices – is a trait needed to succeed in a globalized world. Let’s start with what we can do, one step at a time.

George Hara
Ambassador and Chairman of the Board
Alliance Forum Foundation


Vision & Activity Models


The Alliance Forum Foundation supports a variety of activities aimed at creating a new core industry for a new era. The central tenet of our vision is that new technologies have the power to change the world.

Core industries are the most important driver of economic development. It is only these core industries that possess the inherent power to create new employment opportunities and promote large-scale improvement in social welfare.

The Alliance Forum Foundation endeavors to promote the cultivation of new industries for a new era and to foster global leadership around the development of a next-generation core industry. To support this objective, we produce a number of prestigious forums that attract business leaders, government officials, and academics who believe in the power of next-generation technologies and who share a vision of global cooperation

At the same time, our foundation has begun a number of initiatives with the objective of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of those living in developing countries through the deployment of next-generation technologies.

Our activities seek to accomplish these objectives and affect positive change by helping to make new technologies feasible, nurturing new industries, fostering constructive dialogue on new forms of corporate governance and corporate management, and developing leaders for a new era.








Alliance Forum Foundation(AFF)(US Office)
AFF is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Alliance Forum Foundation (Japan Office)


US Office
Alliance Forum Foundation
111 Pine Street Suite 1410
San Francisco, CA 94111
Japan Office
Alliance Forum Foundation
Takashima 1-1-2
Yokohama Mitsui Building 15F
Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0011, Japan
Year established: 1985
Google Map
JR & Other Lines Yokohama Station    5 Minutes from East Exit
Minatomirai Line Shin Takashima Station  2 Minutes from Exit 2


3rd AFDP Delegation to Africa (Zambia & Zimbabwe)
Pacific Islands Leaders and CEOs Summit
World Alliance Forum in Tokyo
7th Microfinance Professional Development Course
12th IT Awaji Conference

A “general incorporated foundation” status acquired by Tokyo Office
Partnership Project Launched
Bangladesh Office Launched
Zambia Office Launched
Joint Research with Tokyo and Kyoto Universities Launched

Business Delegation to Bangladesh
Education Project Launched

1st AFDP Delegation to Africa (Zambia)
1st Microfinance Professional Development Course

Nutrition Project Launched
Global Human Resources Development Programme Launched

Tokyo Office Launched
Alliance Forum Development Programme (AFDP) Launched

1st World Alliance Forum
1st Awaji IT Conference

The Alliance Forum Foundation established in San Francisco

World Alliance Forum has been held since 2001

Board Members


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
George Hara
Group Chairman and CEO, DEFTA Partners
Koji Sasaki
President and CEO, AdIn Research, Inc
Shingo Torii
Vice Chairman of the Board, Suntory Holdings, Ltd.
Kyoko Watanabe
CFO, Director

Council Members ( Advisors )

Yuichiro Anzai
Professor Emeritus, Keio University/Former President, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Hiroki Ando
President and CEO, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kiyoshi Otsubo
Representative Director, Chairman & CEO, Rengo Co., Ltd.
Hideo Ohno
President, Tohoku University
Susumu Kaminaga
President, SK Global Advisers Co., Ltd.
Jun Karube
Chairman of The Board, Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Masahiro Kan
Former Executive Director for Japan, World Bank Group/Professor, Meiji Gakuin University Graduate School/Board Chairman, Grameen Japan
Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo/Academic Fellow, National Graduate Institute For Policy Studies/Board Chairman, Health and Global Policy Institute
Akihiro Kuroda
Chairman, Kokuyo Co., Ltd./Former Representative Secretary of Kansai Association of Corporate Executives
Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
Executive Chairman, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
Hiroshi Komiyama
Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Research Institute/Former President, The University of Tokyo
Koji Sasaki
President and CEO, AdIn Research, Inc
Seiichi Shimada
Director, Tsuda University/Former President of Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
Toichi Takenaka
Honorary Chairman of The Board, Takenaka Corporation
Tsutomu Fuse
Former President, Yokohama City University
Yoshiki Nishizawa
President, University Public Corporation Osaka
Isao “Steve” Matsuura
Chairman of The Board, MIK International/Former President, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California
Hideto Mitamura
Former Ambassador of Japan to Zambia/Former Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand and Samoa
Monte Cassim
Chairman of The Board & President, Akita International University
Kunio Yamada
Representative Director and Chairman, Rohto Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
George Hara
Group Chairman and CEO, DEFTA Partners
Masahide Isono
Principal, DEFTA Partners
Mike Tanji
Director, Public Interest Capitalism Research Division
Shingo Torii
Senior Executive Vice President and Board member, Suntory Holdings, Ltd
Yonezo Fukuda
Former Ambassador of Japan to Zimbabwe/Research Fellow, The Africa Society of Japan
Hideto Mitamura
Former Ambassador of Japan to Zambia/Former Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand and Samoa

Advisory Committee

Tatsuo Uemura
Professor Emeritus, Waseda University
Motoyuki Oka
Special Advisor, Sumitomo Corporation/Special Advisor, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Susumu Kaminaga
President, SK Global Advisers Co., Ltd.
Jun Karube
Chairman of The Board, Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Mika Kumahira
Representative Director, Kumahira Security Foundation
Hiroyuki Suziki
Representative Director and Chairman, Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd.
Kento Hara
Representative Director, Datacontrol Co., Ltd.
Youhei Furuhata
Representative Director and Chairman, Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.
Kunio Yamada
Representative Director and Chairman, Rohto Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.


Koji Sasaki
President and CEO, AdIn Research, Inc.

Special Advisor

Masatoshi Ito
Founder and Honorary Chairman, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
Shunji Yanai
Former President, International Tribunal for The Law of The Sea/Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs/Former Ambassador to the United States

As of April, 2022