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Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy
The the personal information that you provide us with through this website will not be used by the Alliance Forum Foundation for any other use other than that which is stated on our website. In the event that our disclosure policy changes for any reason, we will inform you in advance and state so clearly on this site.

2. Scope of Legal Compliance
The use of any personal information provided through this site is subject to the relevant laws and regulations concerning personal privacy.

3. Information Security
Although we cannot guarantee the security of personal information provided in any form through this website, the Foundation aims to use the utmost care in the handling of personal information to prevent any leakage of private information.

4. Provision of Information to Third Parties
The Alliance Forum Foundation will not provide any private information obtained through this website to third parties without the expressed consent from you. In the event that a contractor or third party is used for data management, the Foundation will use the greatest possible care to ensure that any private information remains safe and is handled appropriately.

5. Access Analysis
User access to this website may be monitored and analyzed to obtain general data that is relevant to the Foundation’s activities and to ensure that meaningful information is provided to the website’s users. This information obtained may be used a reference for the Foundation’s operation of the website and is limited to the IP address.
If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us using the contact form.