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(日本語) 公益資本主義部門マネージャー募集


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(日本語) 大型連休(ゴールデンウィーク)中のお休みについて

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Announcement on the spin-off of Corporate Partnership Services

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The Alliance Forum Foundation supports a variety of activities aimed at creating a new core industry for a new era. The central tenet of our vision is that new technologies have the power to change the world. Our foundation has a number of projects and initiatives with the objective of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of those living in developing countries through the deployment of next-generation technologies.

Since 2012, Corporate Partnership Services Division has been active to support Japanese companies in establishing new business in emerging market by adopting their cutting-edge technologies. With the aim to further strengthen the services, we are hereby pleased to inform you that the division will become an independent company as “ORINUS PARTNERS Ltd.,” starting April 1, 2015.

Alliance Forum Foundation and ORINUS PARTNERS will continue to partner with each other in developing projects and businesses in Asia and Africa region. While Alliance Forum Foundation will provide strategic advices to Japanese companies through holding forums, forming and dispatching delegations, and providing market information using extensive network, ORINUS PARTNERS will search for Japanese companies to meet local partners’ demand, conduct joint market research, and establish businesses with local companies and organizations leveraging their experience as management consultant.

Through this new partnership, we will be able to make full package of services available for the companies who are keen to establish inclusive businesses in emerging market. At the same time, we will continue to seek to affect positive change by helping to make new technologies feasible, nurturing new industries, fostering constructive dialogue on new forms of corporate governance and corporate management, and developing leaders for a new era.

Contact Addresses
Alliance Forum Foundation
Mr. Mike Tanji, Executive Director
Telephone: +81-3-6225-2795

Ms. Ikue Uchida, Representative Director
Telephone: +81-80-7016-7506

(日本語) 『南米ベンチャー企業経営者との交流会』開催のご報告


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