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TICAD VI Forum for African Financial Inclusion
~Sharing COMESA Policy Recommendations for the Enhancement of Regulatory and Supervisory Framework~

African countries including COMESA members have recorded impressive GDP growth in the last decade averaging 4.8%. However, poverty ratio continued to rise over the same period. This discrepancy of economic growth and poverty reduction necessitates the increasing need for more inclusive growth.
On this behalf, COMESA, Alliance Forum Foundation, and African Development Bank organized two regional workshops to promote financial inclusion through enhanced regulatory and supervisory framework. In these meetings, Microfinance regulators and practitioners identified challenges in the sector and the solutions, which was transformed into the policy recommendation.
TICAD VI Forum for African Financial Inclusion will be a blessed opportunity to share the policy recommendations published as “Guide on Regulation & Supervision Framework for Financial Inclusion”, and resolve common direction forward.

Organizers : Alliance Forum Foundation, COMESA
Sponsor  : African Development Bank, Fund for African Private Sector Assistance
Venue    : Nairobi city, Crowne Plaza Nairobi
Date : 26th (Fri) August 2016, 14:00 – 16:00
For more information : TICAD VI_event details

Main issues to be covered
The forum focuses on the creation of financial system to pull low income population into the sustainable middle class. A sound and just financial system can empower the poor providing economic opportunities, access to skills and market. Well-designed regulatory and supervisory framework can expand access, reliability, soundness of the financial services for striving low income class.

Objective of the Forum
i. To officially propose and discuss the policy recommendations for regulatory and supervisory framework developed through COMESA Financial Inclusion workshops (2014 Lusaka and 2016 Nairobi)
ii. To demonstrate the shared initiative between COMESA countries and Japan by presenting the deliverables of COMESA Financial Inclusion workshops
iii. To promote Financial Inclusion in other African countries by sharing a model regulatory and supervisory framework for COMESA region
iv. To review philosophy of the Public Interest Capitalism to create thick layer of middle class
for all the COMESA nations.

Representative each from COMESA member state, Representatives from non-COMESA African countries, Professionals from International organizations and Inclusive Finance sector.

Registration, administrative arrangements
Participation of the forum is free for all registered guests.
For registration, please fill in your information in this web page before 2016/08/22. Kindly note that the application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches 60.

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